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"What Types of Writing Assignments Will I Be Asked To Complete?"

At the present time we are making available 3 different types of writing assignments:

-- Blog Posts ("Blurbs") --

A 100 word "Blurb" will be a post whose topic is NOT researched. The writer will write a 100 word snippet that is on-topic using a main keyword, but the writing will be from a personal point of view, as if telling a story. These posts are commonly used for blog posts and website content.

-- Mini-Posts --

A 200 Word "Mini Post" will be a post whose topic is researched for a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes. Our customers are asked to provide you with at least one URL to do research from. The Mini Post will contain more detail than a Blurb but less detail than a full article. These Mini Posts are commonly used for web content and blog posts.

-- Articles --

A 350-400 word Article will be an article whose topic is researched for a MAXIMUM of 10-15 minutes. Our customers are asked to provide you with at least one URL to do research from. These will be written making use of your main keyword or keyword phrase 3-6 times in the body of the article, and are generally 3 to 4 paragraphs. These articles are commonly used for website content or submission to article directories.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL CONTENT SUBMITTED BY OUR WRITERS MUST BE 100% UNIQUE, HAND-WRITTEN CONTENT. Content submitted via article "spinners" and similar methods will NOT be accepted (we check for dupe/spun content). You will not retain ANY rights to your content -- all content will be ghostwritten by you (no public attribution) for the private use of our customers.

"Do You Have Other Requirements for Writers?"


1. All writers must be based in the U.S. We do not accept applications from writers living outside of the United States. All writers must be native speakers, readers and writers of English.

2. You will need reliable internet access (no dial-up connections), as you will use a web-based interface to complete your assignments.

3. You will be paid monthly (once a month), for your previous month's work. (For example, you will be paid in April for all of your work completed in March)

4. You will be paid electronically, via PayPal (REQUIRED).

5. New writers must agree to our screening process, and must agree to abide by our requirements for completion of work on a timely basis, as well as quality. Repeated violations will result in your writer's account being terminated.

6. Your services will be utilized as an "independent contractor" -- you will be responsible for payment of all taxes.

7. You will be required to submit an IRS Form W9 (Request for Taxpayer Information) and also submit your PayPal e-mail address before you can receive your first payment. You will receive a Form-1099 at the end of the tax year, and this information will also be reported to the IRS.

"Do I Have To Submit My Assignments By A Certain Date?"

Yes, we do ask you to abide by our deadlines. We do not permit writers to "sit on" work and not complete it in a timely manner.

"Do You Provide Training For Your Writers?"

Yes, full training (by video as well as printed materials) are provided on using our proprietary system.

"Do I Have To Work Full-Time?"

No, while some of our writers work full-time, this is not required. Those who need part-time work assignments can find them here. We encourage seniors, retirees, and the disabled to apply.

"What Do Your Writing Assignments Pay?"

Currently, we are paying our writers $.75 USD for each completed blog post, $2.00 USD for each completed mini-post, and $4.00 USD for each completed article.

While we make no specific income guarantees, it is entirely possible for any of our writers to earn hundreds of dollars monthy, depending on the time they have to devote to their writing assignments.

"OK...I'm Ready To Join...What Do I Need To Do Next?"

It's easy to get started -- just click the button below to get a free writer's account, and we'll help you get started. We have many opportunities available...don't delay!

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